Wedding Cakes

At Sweet Tooth, we help you design your own personal wedding cake and/or groom’s cake to make your day reflect your own personal tastes. Whether you have 10 or 300 people attending your reception, the cake should be a reflection of what the bride and groom desire. Whether you want a contemporary cake with pillars or a vibrant neon colored cake that is stacked, you help design your dream cake.

Clients bring in drawings, pictures from the Internet of cakes they like, magazine photos, or browse through our collection of previously made cakes. Sometimes the final decision is a combination of different parts of cakes you like to form your dream cake.

Even if you are only having 10 people, instead of getting an 8 inch round 3 layer cake, we can make it look special like a mini tiered wedding cake with the same amount of batter.

Groom cakes are popular for some clients and they usually reflect a special interest of the groom’s such as his profession or hobby. We’ve done cakes that look like a pizza to a giant cake that looks like a deer.

Don’t forget the rehearsal dinner cake! These could have a photo of the happy couple , a design that reflects an interest of theirs, or where they are going on a honeymoon.

You can add chocolates with their engagement photo on them for favors at the rehearsal dinner or wedding!

Custom Castle Cake