Thanksgiving Specials

  • Thanksgiving Day treats available:
  • Pies
  • Hungarian apricot and nut rolls
  • Pumpkin roll
  • 3-D Turkey cake 
  • Chocolate covered oreos and pretzels
  • pumpkin cookies
Amaze your guests with a lifelike turkey cake! Complete with drumsticks and wings plus edible stuffing! The cake is carved in the turkey shape and airbrushed to look a golden brown.
It's hunting season but wonder if your favorite hunter doesn't get his/her 7 point buck? You can purchase"Bucky" to share with the family. He has a rack you can keep as a memento, but enjoy the cake!
Pumpkins are still in season, but look who is  using this one as a house. Tiny mice have invaded this pumpkin and made it their home
Not sure if the family would enjoy a fruit basket? Use our balloon fruit basket as a centerpiece or a unique hostess gift.