Photo Treats

Our computer can scan any photo from 2"x2" to 8"x10", and reproduce it on cakes or cookies, by spraying edible food coloring directly on the product.

We get many requests for copyrighted characters. Although we cannot legally scan copyrighted characters, we can use your personal photo of the honored guest in a costume.

Remember the years with photos in a cookie arrangement. We can use black & white or color photos. Need a thank-you gift for a client? You can have a basket of cookies made with your company's logo printed on them. Available in 3" or 2" size.

We can also scan any drawings with our computer, and reproduce them on cakes and cookies. It's a great surprise for Mom and Dad, while children enjoy seeing their artwork enlarged and edible.

We have a variety of chocolate products for your unique photos or logos. Here's a small sample:

  • Chocolate Truffle
  • 1-oz Lollipop (#114)
  • Chocolate CD (#130)
  • Chocolate Business Card (#201)

  • Chocolate Party Favor (#208)

  • Break-A-Way Bar with Business Card in Center (#218)
  • Chocolate Gift Box (#233)
  • Chocolate Cookie (#350)

  • Chocolate Coins (#355)
  • Mega Bar

Chocolate Product Suite