Bakery Specialties

Discover the great taste of Sweet Tooth Bakery.

We offer a vast array of tempting, unique products that are as appealing to the eyes as they are to eat. We use only the finest natural ingredients, baked fresh daily with meticulous attention paid to every detail. Because our cakes are BAKED FRESH (not frozen), we request a two-day notice when you place your order.

Traditional and Custom Cakes

Sweet 16 Birthday CakeChoose from a variety of flavors including French vanilla, chocolate, fudge marble, carrot cake, and pound cake. Our cheesecakes are made from only the richest ingredients.

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PSU® Cakes
Cake Flavors & Fillings

Cookie Creations

Giant 4" - 5" cookies on a stick can be decorated with basic styles, or use your imagination. Photos can be scanned on them for special personalized effects.

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PSU® Cookies

Wedding and Party Specialties

Tiered Wedding CakeDesign your cake and style to suit the occasion. Choose from buttercream, cream cheese, whipped cream, and rolled fondant icings. Home-baked cookies and petits fours are available by order.


Chocolate Noah's ArkFrom truffles to business cards, our chocolate is used to produce delicious molded products such as party theme favors and centerpieces. Choices are milk, dark, white, or sugarfree chocolate.